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Development of sites of any complexity

Our possibilities are not limited to templates


We develop the software developers are under constant control and sweeps on a regular basis

  • SEO-site audit
  • website optimization for query keywords in the search engines
  • promotion of the site in the top 10 search engines
  • deleting spam seo-links
  • аnalysis queries, attendance, audience site
  • аnalysis and research of competitors
  • statistics gathering, reporting
  • evelopment of recommendations for technical optimization of the content and structure of the site

Search Engine optimization - SEO

So, what many do not know.

series of measures to optimize internal and external, for raising the position of the site in search results search engines

  • Active and passive safety systems analysis
  • Free of charge server testing
  • A detailed report on the vulnerabilities found
  • Consultation on security specialists

Penetration test

Real attacks immitation to test security systems.

The active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that can cause undesired operation of the target system, or complete denial of service.

  • Preparation the terms of reference
  • An analysis of the terms of reference drawn up by other companies
  • Code analysis
  • Preparation and analysis of documentation
  • Preparation of development plan
  • Carrying out technical analysis

Terms of reference and analysis

You forgot about this...

One of the most important factors in the successful completion of the project is correctly and clearly formulated terms of reference. As well as supporting documentation.

Our online projects

Use the ready-made solutions.

Universal portal for education and testing.


Portal account for transport companies


Ready-to-go portal for travel agencies


Portal for accounting of funds. Suitable for small businesses and home accounting


Portal for communication, decisions and accounting / prosecution plans to teams participants dispersed over geography

Smart home.
Portal for storage, data analysis for DIY "smart homes" with feedback.


CRM for car repair companies


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